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Restoration Services

If your property has been damaged by water and is susceptible to mold or other types of contaminants and pathogens, then you need to make sure that you restore and remediate the problem as soon as possible.

At Micro Clean Restoration, we offer emergency restoration services for your home and business that are designed to minimize the damage to your building and restore your property to its former glory.

We are a local company that responds promptly to your restoration needs. Our team consists of licensed IICRC-certified inspectors who will create a personalized plan for the restoration of your property.

Whether you need a mold, water damage, crawlspace encapsulation, insulation, and indoor air quality treatment services in Atlanta, Georgia, we have you covered.

Mold Damage

If your building has experienced exposure to access moisture, it may have a high risk of mold damage. To prevent its growth and subsequent damage to the structure of your home, we offer mold damage remediation services in the safest and most cost-effective way.

Mold Testing

Water damage and mold growth leave lots of signs on your property, including the presence of yellow, white, green, and black mold on your walls, soft and mushy drywall, a musty odor, leaky plumbing and flooding, allergic and respiratory symptoms, and damp attic, basement, and crawlspaces. Our certified mold inspectors can determine the places where excess water and mold are present with the use of cutting-edge technology.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Services

Although a crawlspace is an excellent storage space for plumbing, it can often experience wet conditions due to leaky plumbing. At Micro Cleaning Restoration, LLC, we offer professional crawlspace encapsulation services that are designed to reduce the risk of excess moisture, humidity, and mold in your home.

Floor/Basement Water Removal

Your basement may flood if it has foundational cracks and leaks in the aftermath of a storm. If the water is not removed quickly, it can lead to structural damage, which can cost thousands of dollars. At Micro Clean Restoration LLC, we offer professional flooded basement water removal services in Georgia.

Insulation Installation

High-quality insulation material that has been installed by a licensed expert will control the moisture content and temperature of your building, preventing the growth of mold. At Micro Clean Restoration, LLC, we can help you install your insulation in the most effective and efficient way to ensure effective defense against mold.

Insulation Removal

Inadequate insulation, insulation made of poor-quality material, and improperly installed insulation can all leave gaps and cracks on your property’s surfaces which may not be easily visible to the naked eye but can be caught by an infrared camera. In addition, mold may also grow on improperly installed insulation. At Micro Clean Restoration, we can efficiently replace and remove insulation in your home and commercial property.

Odor Removal

Indoor odor originating from smoke damage, water damage, mold, sewage, cigarette, and pathogenic sources can negatively affect the health of your family. We offer the expertise of certified odor removal professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to remove funky smells from your home, allowing you to breathe easily.

Pet Odor Removal

If you own pets, you may have noticed several strange smells permeating your home, particularly if your home is well-insulated. If you are unable to get out these musky odors from your home with your DIY tactics, we offer you professional pet odor removal services that can help eliminate smells from your home and leave it smelling refreshing.

Quick Allergy Relief

Do you know that your indoor home quality can be as much as five times polluted as the outdoor air quality? This means increased exposure to contaminants and pathogens that can result in various respiratory disorders and allergies. We can perform indoor air quality testing and reduce indoor air pollution in your home and commercial business so that you may breathe freely.

Basement Ventilation System

If your basement is not well-ventilated and has excess moisture, it can give rise to airborne microscopic spores that can result in mold and can trigger asthma and other allergies. We can help remove the excess moisture from your basement and install the EZ Breathe Ventilation System in your basement that can create a healthy living environment.

Bacteria and Viral Treatment, Including Coronavirus

Concerns for cleanliness and hygiene are now more important than ever. Whether you have a COVID-19 case at your home or just want to perform a microbial air treatment service, our IAQ inspectors can help you get rid of resilient pathogens like COVID-19, influenza, mold spores, bacteria, and more.

Water Damage Restoration in Atlanta, Georgia

At Micro Clean Restoration, we offer fast water extraction and damage control. We understand that excess moisture can lead to a number of issues in your home. We are a local mold remediation and indoor air quality company that can remove excess water from your home and create clean and safe indoor air quality for the safety of your family.

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