As a former insurance adjuster, I have seen a lot of water related claims.  Some of these claims may be avoided by winterizing your home.
As the temperatures begin to drop it is often below freezing at night, and now during the day. Water freezes at just 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and can cause a lot of damage to your home. This could include frozen pipes, particularly frozen outside faucets.
Here is a link to Home Depot for these freeze proof faucets:
Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. will professionally and promptly remove water from inside your home (i.e. basements, kitchen…) plus we help you manage your insurance claim.  If you have the unfortunate incident of having a water incident (i.e. flood, pipe burst, appliance failure or tub/sink overflow), please call Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. at 908-372-5326.
Micro Clean Restoration, LLC is a family-owned NJ based carpet cleaning company serving North and Central NJ.  Micro Clean Restoration offers the following services:
·    Carpet Cleaning
·    Upholstery Cleaning with optional Scotch Guard Protection
It’s not clean, unless it’s Micro Clean!