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Professional Insulation Removal in Georgia

Insulation is one of the most important parts of your home. To make your home energy efficient and prevent mold and mildew from thriving in it, it is important for you to install insulation on the walls, floor, and ceiling of your property.

Since insulation is absorbent, proper insulation removal is of paramount importance when you are dealing with water damage, mold remediation, and/or pest infestation.

Home and Commercial Property Insulation Removal in Atlanta

Heating and cooling result in one of the biggest energy bills in your home and business. If you think that your energy bill is higher than expected, then it might be the fault of your insulation.

Inadequate insulation, insulation made of poor-quality material, and improperly installed insulation can all leave gaps and cracks on your property’s surfaces which may not be easily visible to the naked eye but can be caught by an infrared camera. At Micro Clean Restoration, LLC, we are your local contractors in Atlanta, Georgia, who can efficiently replace and remove insulation in your home and commercial property.

Our certified home inspectors will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the insulation in your property, determine whether there are any cavities that are reducing the efficacy of the insulation and whether there is a risk of mold.

We have the equipment and the necessary expertise and experience to remove any type of insulation from your basement, attic, and other rooms of your home.

What Causes Damage to Your Insulation?

If your insulation was sound before but has suffered considerable damage since it was installed, the culprit may be pests or rodents.

Rodents like squirrels, raccoons, and rats can enter the crawlspaces of your home and cause damage to the insulation. They can chew on electrical wire, damage your HVAC system, and can break down your insulation which can lead to a myriad of other problems, including water damage and mold growth.

Mold growth, particularly, is a big problem since it is not just an eyesore but can rot the structure of your building and can result in several health conditions. This can end up costing you a lot of money to repair your home.

Insulation that is present in areas that are susceptible to dampness and humidity, like your basement and attic, can degrade over time. When insulation gets wet, it will not perform efficiently. In addition, it will grow mold which can gain a foothold on the insulation, eat it away, and then attack your property.

Insulation can also get compromised due to fire or asbestos. When this happens, it becomes necessary to remove all the affected layers of insulation before you can replace them with another insulation.

When it comes to reliable and efficient removal of insulation, Micro Clean Restoration, LLC, can get the job done in no time.

Insulation Inspection and Removal by Micro Clean Restoration

Before we remove any insulation, our certified inspectors will determine how much of the insulation is damaged. We will also make sure that appropriate ventilation systems are in place and ensure we follow all the health and safety codes to remove your insulation.

No matter what type of insulation you need to remove, we at Micro Clean Restoration have the necessary equipment and training necessary to protect your most expensive investment — your home.

We will carefully remove your old insulation and replace it with new, high-quality insulation that lasts a long, long time.

If you need high-quality insulation removal services in Georgia, reach out to us today.

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