What should I do when a pipe burst in my home?
With temperatures dropping to all-time lows. It is possible that a pipe can break in your home. Prior to being in the carpet cleaning, water, fire, mold restoration business; I’d been an insurance adjuster for years, so I understand the claim process and what you may encounter. Here are some steps that you can take to minimize the water damage to your home and to ensure a smooth claim process.
1) Call Micro Clean Restoration at 908-372-CLEAN ( 908-372-5326 ). We will come out and manage your water claim as follow:
   • We will review your insurance policy to assist you in filing a claim
   • Work with your insurance adjuster
   • Remove/extract the water from your home and dry the affected area with drying equipment
   • Apply an antimicrobial in order to prevent mold growth
2)Turn off the water to your home in order to stop the leak
3) Call a plumber to repair the leak Prior to the plumber arriving take pictures of the source of the water and the impact that leaking water has had on your home and your affected contents. Make sure you get a statement from your plumber on your invoice as to what caused your pipe to leak. If you do not have a plumber, call me and I can provide you with a short list of plumbers.
4) Call the claims department of your insurance carrier or your agent.
Every insurance policy is different, but some policies will cover the pipe freezing as long as your home has been occupied within 30-days and you have maintained heat in your home. Keep in mind the cost of the plumber may or may not be covered, but the ensuing damages minus your deductible can be covered. With claims that are covered, you will only pay your deductible and the water removal to the restoration will be covered your insurance policy. In cases where the plumber was not covered, access to the leaking pipe may be covered and again; this will vary from policy to policy.
Please keep in mind that mold grows within 48-hours and some policies do not cover mold because mold implies the leak has been leaking over a period of time. Insurance policies are designed for those uncontrollable occurrences which happen suddenly and accidentally.
As a homeowner, it is your obligation to protect your home against further damage, in this case, mold. If you choose not to file a claim, we accept all major credit cards and offer free estimates.
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