Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. cleans area rugs offsite or onsite.  Weather your area consist of wool, oriental, or mohair, Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. can clean your area rug.  Typically, our clients clean their area rugs offsite and in between having their area clean offsite, our certified carpet cleaning technician can clean your carpets onsite.
Sometimes pet odors, mildew/mold odors, or beverage stains have dwelled over a period of time, allowing odors to penetrate deep down to the area rug’s backing.
Micro Clean Restoration, LLC will evaluate your area rug in order to determine the best method of cleaning your area rugs without damaging your wood flooring.
For a free estimate, please call us at 908-37-CLEAN (908-372-5326) or visit us at: www.microcleanrestoration.com for a free appointment.

It is not clean, unless it is Micro Clean!