Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. Removes Air Filtration (Carbon) Stains from Carpet
Selling or renting your home? Has your realtor asked you to replace your carpet because of the black stains on the edges of your carpet? Has your loyal carpet cleaner told you that he or she can’t remove the black stains along the edges of your carpet?
It is highly probable that the black soot looking stains consist of air filtration. Air filtration is air being pulled/pushed from behind your walls (at the baseboard level) which uses your carpet to filter out carbon in the air and leaves a black soot looking stain. This black soot looking stain can be found around the edges of your carpet, in doorways or in closets, which will not come clean with a standard carpet clean.
Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. has the ability to remove the toughest air filtration stains, which can save you time and money!
Call Micro Clean Restoration, LLC at 908-372-5326 or vist us at https://www.microcleanrestoration.com/Schedule-Appointment.html to schedule an appointment and fo a free demostration.
It’s not clean, unless it’s Micro Clean!
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