Before  // After Shining The Black Light
Some pet’s urine is clear, so you can’t see where your pet gone.  However, under a black light, Micro Clean Restoration is able find those robust smelling pet stains that you can’t see under normal light conditions.  The black light is able to illuminate the phosphor like elements in your pet’s urine, so we can begin to remove most pet odors!

Do You Have Pet Stains?

Q: Are all pet stains visible?
A: Depending on your pet’s diet, not all pet stains are visible under normal light conditions.
Q: How does Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. find pet stains and treat those stains from a “subsurface” level?
A: We use special lights that helps us identify pet stains that are not normally visible and with our surface cleaning process, we are able to address most pet odors.
The Details…
At the carpet level, the pet stain may be the size of golf ball, but as the pet stains dwells, the backing of the carpet and carpet pad serves as a sponge and causes the pet stain to cover larger landscape at the carpet pad level.  In order to eradicate pet smells from the carpet pad level, we over saturate the pet stain area with pet odor and stain removal solution.  then we stand on a device that has a glass gauge on it, which vacuums up the pet soiled solution from the subsurface level (carpet pad).  We repeat this subsurface cleaning process until we no longer see urine in the glass gauge.  In some extreme causes, we may have to lift the carpet, change the carpet pad, replace tack strips and put a special sealer on the sub floor (wood/cement) in order to prevent the urine smell from coming up from the sub floor.
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