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The common cause for microbial growth in bathrooms

The common cause for microbial growth in bathrooms is due to humidity build-up from showers or baths being taken because most people turn their bathroom exhaust fan off the same time they turn off their light switch.  Most of the time we see microbial growths and mold on the ceiling or juncture where the ceiling meets the wall.

Mold remediation is standard from company to company, providing the company is abiding by IICRC guidelines, however what sets Micro Clean Restoration apart from other companies is our ability to identify the cause of your mold.  More importantly, what makes us best in class is that not only do we provide testing for mold, and identify the cause, we also take care of the repairs and preventive measures after remediation, so you feel protected and cared for with one company.

Upon inspection, we confirm the presence of an efficiently working exhaust system for your bathroom and verify that this system is vented out from your bathroom through the attic to the outside of your home.

Many may assume that they have an efficiently running exhaust fan however, in most cases, when bathroom lights are turned off, so is the bathroom exhaust fan, preventing the system from allowing the appropriate amount of time needed to effectively eliminate the humidity build up.  Over time, the residual relative humidity from your shower and bath causes humidity to condensate, which can create the presence of microbial growth and mold.  At Micro Clean Restoration, our mold specialists will check your attic for adequate insulation levels.  If we are standing in your attic and can see exposed floor beams (which is the ceiling of the dwelling area below), condensation is occurring when hot air is meeting cool air. 

Solution: Remediate visible mold and install a smart exhaust fan in your bathroom and install additional insulation levels (In some cases, the attic may have additional microbial or vermin fecal matter which we will address in a separate article.  Please feel free to contact us for additional information). 

Smart fans like Broan Humidity Sensing Fan (click here) have a built in humidity sensor, which keeps the fan running when the relative humidity is high.  This smart fan stays on even if you manually turn off the light until the relative humidity is low.

At Micro Clean Restoration, we believe  in controlling the controllables.  So, if you know that you have microbial growth issues or have a bathroom in your basement which is more susceptible to moisture issues, install a smart fan like the Broan Humidity Sensing Fan (click here) to help control the relative humidity in your bathroom.  Keep in mind, other factors like HVAC settings, insulation, hydrostatic pressure, dehumidifiers, and air flow are other variables that we need to address in controlling moisture in your home overall.  Please call us for a free mold or moisture control inspection or scheduled an online appointment (click here).

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