Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. Realty-Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services


Let us clean the previous owner or tenant out of your home!



As the renter, we understand that the full return of your deposit is based on how clean your rental property is returned to the landlord.  As the landlord, we understand that your rental property cost you money each day it is not being rented.  Presenting your rental property as clean as possible, so you can maximize your rental income.  As the real estate agent or property manager, we know that you have a book a business that you are managing and we can curtail a maintenance plan to help you manage, meet budget, and reduce your overall occupancy rate.  

Whether you are selling your home, renting or moving into a new home, Micro Clean Restoration can ensure that your home is "Micro Clean" before or after you move in, by providing the following services: