Remove Food Odors, Mildew Odors, Mold Odors, Pet Odors, & Sknunk Odors

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Advantages of Subsurface Pet Urine Removal

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It just snowed and you put down salt. What impact can salt have on your flooring?

What impact can salt have on your flooring? If salt or sodium chloride causes pot holes, how has salt impacted your carpets, tile flooring and/or wood flooring? Research reveals that there are... Read More »

Micro Clean Restoration Cleans Area Rugs Onsite or Offsite

Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. cleans area rugs offsite or onsite.  Weather your area consist of wool, oriental, or mohair, Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. can clean your area rug.  Typically, our... Read More »

Micro Clean Restoration Cleans Wood Floors & Refinishes with a dustless process!

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Remember it is the season to winterize your home!!

As a former insurance adjuster, I have seen a lot of water related claims.  Some of these claims may be avoided by winterizing your home.   As the temperatures begin to drop it is often below... Read More »

Air Filtration

Micro Clean Restoration, LLC. Removes Air Filtration (Carbon) Stains from Carpet Selling or renting your home? Has your realtor asked you to replace your carpet because of the black stains on the... Read More »

Micro Clean Restoration Realty Services

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Pipe Froze and is Leaking, What Should I do?

What should I do when a pipe burst in my home? With temperatures dropping to all-time lows. It is possible that a pipe can break in your home. Prior to being in the carpet cleaning, water, fire,... Read More »

How to Eliminate Pet Stains from Carpet in South Plainfield NJ

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